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With the World Health Organization (WHO) proposing to declare the end of the COVID-19 global health emergency, the adjustment of control strategies around the world is imminent, and the epidemic has been bound for three years. The Earth village residents are eager to re-plan their suddenly stranded consumption plans and release their consumption demands. In the past three years, the poultry industry has suffered not only from the epidemic, but also from the menacing rise in feed, the volatility of meat prices, and the unpredictability profit and loss overlap. However, in the fog where uncertainty has become the norm, the poultry industry is still moving forward in a zigzag manner, in order to leverage the strength of the whole industry to explore new opportunities in the changing market segment.

Gathering the Starlight and Keep Moving Forward
Science & Technology Reshape Productivity
  • Conference:July 7th–8th

    Registration:July 6th

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    May 20th

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    June 30th

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  • Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao